Environmental Technology

Waste-to-Energy — Waste as resource.

In addition to safe disposal of contaminated substances and residual waste, thermal treatment of waste in modern waste-to-energy power plants serves to ensure an efficient supply of energy in form of district heating, process steam or electricity.

This is achieved by way of various processes and plants for thermal treatment such as municipal waste incineration or incineration of industrial and special waste. Jünger+Gräter is the leading provider of refractory systems for waste-to energy power plants as well as enhancement or service connected to existing plants. The technical requirements of the industry change constantly. Thus, we are proactive and offer innovations or specific optimization of our own refractory systems. The market leadership of the Jünger+Gräter refractory systems is based on longer service lives and improved efficiency. JuSyS® is nowadays an established term for reliability and high quality. In over 100 plants at 60 locations around the world there are more than 150,000 m² of JuSyS® system solutions in service.

Rotary kiln incinerators with a post-combustion chamber are most always used for the incineration of industrial and special waste. For years we have achieved continuous service life improvement of our refractory linings with our JUBRICK TE600A, for example. Our chrome-corundum bricks are subjected to continuous optimization. Our innovative thinking resulted in the development of the chrome-free JURA² series. These are bricks with a very high resistance to alkalis. This new product generation offers an alternative to products containing chrome in highly stressed zones inside the post-combustion chamber. Consequently, it is a superb product for plants having a problem with chrome. 

Thermal waste gas treatment by incinerators and oxidizers is also a major part of our business. In addition to customized engineering, Jünger+Gräter offers the required materials know-how to ensure the best technical and economic solution for any incineration problem. The great number of reference plants is proof of our expertise and experience in this special sector of refractory engineering.

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