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Environmental Technology

In addition to safe disposal of contaminated substances and residual waste, thermal treatment of waste in modern waste-to-energy power plants serves to ensure an efficient supply of energy in form of district heating, process steam or electricity.

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Energy & Power Plant Technology

Fossil-fueled power plants are operated to cover over 75 % of the energy requirement in the world.

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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

The chemical and petrochemical industry and their products form the basis for many substances and products. Our modern day life would not be possible without them.

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Nonferrous Metal Industry

In the nonferrous metal sector our activities focus on fluidized bed processes for ore processing and transformation.

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Steel & Iron Industry

The iron and steel industry is the biggest consumer of refractory materials.

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Cement Industry

Jünger+Gräter has numerous specific product solutions for critical zones in cement kilns.

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Biomass & Wood

The incineration of biomass is becoming a more and more important business sector for Jünger+Gräter. 

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